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A live show to inspire young people to make positive games

Next show April 2018
Theme TBA

St Stephen's Church, BD5 7BH

This is a unique family friendly show, aimed particularly at 7-14 yr olds, but anyone is welcome with an adult.

Contact us / send us artwork

Send us an email if you need to contact us, or to send artwork for the show...

Previous Shows

SHOW 5 - Code Theme 13th October 18

Hungry Bunnies Bubblefly Pop Chameleon Race Fishing with Strings Rats & Ladders

SHOW 4 - Retro Theme 11th November 17

They need a keyboard to play. If they don't load try a different browser. Space Wars Jonny Crash Rocket Battle I wish I could fly The Echoing Caverns Police Chase Jet Ray & Big Chill Bob game make

SHOW 3 - Science Theme 15th July 17

Challenges and files from the show, also on google play if they don't load try a different browser. Virus Takeover (full) Cell Wars(Challenge) (Full) Sweet Science (Challenge) (Full) Game Jam (Play) (Download) Rich Forest (full) Drone Maze (full) Helpdesk (Download) Into the Deep (Challenge) (full) David & Goliath (full)

SHOW 2 - Winter/Space/Cold Theme 25th Nov 16

Challenge 1 (4 Player) Challenge 2 (Time) Challenge 3 (Co-Op)

SHOW 1 - Pilot 16th Jul 2016

Challenges may take time to load, please be patient, or try a different browser (like Edge) Challenge 1 (Main) Challenge 2 (4 Player) Challenge 3 (Time) Challenge 4 (Co-Op) Challenge 5 (Co-Op)