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Working with children in hospices or end of life care. Creating a legacy from their imagination. 1 child, 1 staff, support from multiple volunteers (per course)


This project holds a special place in our heart.

We get a referral for a young person who has been diagnosed with a long term or terminal illness.

We arrange weekly visits via the parents/carers to either the hospital or the child’s home where we help the child design their very own computer game.

They will be involved with the theme, story, artwork, game-play, level design and coding (depending on ages and abilities).

During the week we co-ordinate volunteer students (From computer games design courses) to help put the child’s ideas into place, for the child to review the next week.

The project will run for 6-18 weeks depending on the child’s circumstances.

By the end of the project they will have a certificate and finished game that can be published online for mobile devices or for PC as a lasting legacy.


Project running costs are £500 per child worked with (£7,000 for a full year of funding for 15 children)

Projects can start at any point


We don’t feel it appropriate to get the parents to fund this project, but see it as a great gift for organisations or others to fund.

Benefits of the project for the child/family

  • A positive distraction at a very traumatic time of their life
  • A thing for them to focus on and plan for during the week
  • A chance for their ideas to be shared with the world
  • Raise the profile of those living with the same illness
  • A legacy left

Benefits of the project for the funder

  • A chance to use their funds to benefit some of the most needy
  • Have their name credited on the game
  • Get weekly updates
  • Be tagged in our social media posts relating to the games creation
  • Be involved in making a huge difference
  • A warm fuzzy feeling inside

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