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We love sharing our passion for ICT, coding and gaming with schools and parents in Bradford in person or further afield virtually. Our mentoring through games making has won us a BAFTA.

We are a not for profit organisation so all profits from our work goes to providing free after school activities in deprived areas.

If you don’t want to book now but want us to keep you informed of new sessions, free events and discounts let us know here:

Level Up! (Series of 6 workshops) for KS2 classes

Our main feature in the “Life is what you make of it” series.

Designed to be delivered weekly to a class of 30 or small group. Game making while bringing tools and language to help young people build language and confidence in expressing emotional wellbeing.

  • Covering 50% of the KS2 ICT curriculum (See more details here)
  • The group get to follow the game making process form start to end; making a unique game.
  • All through the process game language and process is used to unpack emotion and wellbeing concepts.

More details here

Delivered on your site

Squish the Glitch (Live Interactive Remote Workshop)
For KS2

The original in the NEW “Life is what you make of it” series.
This 45min show looks at what we do when we face problems in games programming and how that applies to life.

Our bespoke software makes interactive streaming “super easy” and allows us to:

  • Stream our show via a website (No extra installs or software needed)
  • Securely interact (You see us, we don’t see you, we see all the messages sent in, the users don’t see others messages)
  • Allow 2 simultaneous streams:
    • One for the main screen in the class
    • One for students to use to test/design the games (Optional to use)
  • Have a backup show that you can watch if your internet fails during the live stream.

All you need to do is visit a website at the right time!

We recommend 1 to 4 classes joining a session, the less classes join the more student engagement and personalisation there will be.

Delivered remotely.

Cost £150

GameDev in an hour
(Live Interactive Remote Workshop)
For KS2
, KS3

This remote show is our most bespoke allowing a class or year group to direct the making of a game that will be released online.
Using the free Code-a-game Guide (you can download or request copies free of charge, P&P may apply) students prepare a game design before the live session. This can themed on topic within the boundaries the teacher sets.

The premise for the game is then emailed to us before the session.

For the workshop we live stream an interactive lesson were we take them through the designing / coding / testing processes of their game. Finishing up with a released game on that can be played online on PC or mobile devices by whoever has the link.

Suitable for 1 class or 1 year group. We suggest better engagement and higher personalisation is achieved with smaller groups.

The show can be 1hr or spread over 1:30hr including 20min break, depending what best fits in to your school day.

Cost £180 with no pre-prepared ideas
Cost reduced to £120 if the Code-a-game Guide booklet is used beforehand.

History of Video Games (The Show)
For KS2 or KS3

A fantastic 1-2 hour show for up to 250 students in KS2-3. Teaching ICT and Science content.  Can be delivered in person or remotely. 

Join Impact Gamers on an epic journey through time and tech. We look at the technology for gaming from 1958 onwards and how coders pushed the limits at every point. Covering topics in ICT, Physics and Biology with a whole lot of interactive games thrown in too.

1½ hour show (times can be altered)
Aimed at KS2 or KS3 (8-14yrs)
For 30-250 students
Showcased at the Yorkshire Games Festival
Cost – from £200 upwards (dependent on location, sizes, timings etc.)

Please do get in touch to book us or to discuss best pricing or bespoke work.

Contact us below or ring Adam on 07952 228797