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Where to start

There’s loads of places to learn about using Clickteam Fusion (our software of choice, download free version).  One of the best places is in a real group,  get in contact with us to find out more…. otherwise there’s loads of places online:

To start off here’s our “The Basics” video, it’s a slow pace overview of Click team for you to learn from it. But if you’d like to learn by making a game see our beginner videos .

Learn by tutorials – APPril is our 5 minute daily selection of very short tutorials on how to make a basic game

Learn by drawing – Download and print our Code-a-Game booklet or request it for your whole school class

If you prefer reading here’s an old manual from clickteam is here
And their tutorials are here

Steam has some video tutorials

We also have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to our YouTube channel

Contact us for more information/help, and follow us on Facebook and YouTube

Here’s Quick Reference sheet you can download and print