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Session 1 6/11/2020

Friday: 06/11/2020
Session 1: 6-7 p.m.
Researcher and Topic: Tessa Carver, Gravitational Waves
Total Students: 4 (I’m not sure)
Game Template: space
Theme: make neutron star collide and escape with given time.
 Player (P) being the main player we ne a spaceship to travel or move around.
 We are help aliens and their planet by making a neutron star collide.
 Once we made them collide, it’s like a timer we need to escape from there.
 (but scientifically speaking we can’t make two neutron start collide – we have to find a
way how to do it in game point of view).
 From the start explosion we have to collect some gems for boosting points.
 Once we have aliens from one planet, we have to move to another, and these can be
made as different level or stage.
 If the player (P) got stuck to a blackhole we have to restart the game.
 The player (P) should be able to move in all

Session 2 13/11/2020


Students: 5 (1 new student)

Aim: How to gain scores and movements

Template chosen was space shooter

Movement: Added a reverse thrust

What happens once the shooter goes off screen: loop back from the opposite direction

Stop button: resets the speed to 0

About getting lost with direction: have a mini map at top left/right to help with knowing where we are.

As the stars collide there is a gamma ray blast and heavy elements are created during the process. (Here is a link for visualising how two neutron stars collide and leads to a gamma ray burst and gravitational waves:


  • Collecting gems that comes out of the collision of stars would increase the score
  • gets sucked into a Black Hole would end up in a different part (teleportation) and also reduce the score
  • Have particles with different sizes and different scores

Some ideas for future works:

  • space shuttle with astronaut at the start and the astronaut leaves the space ship to navigate

Home work : sounds for the game and sketches

Find sounds and write down their names at

Draw and email any artwork to


Students: 4

Guide Staff: 3

Session focus: Music, bug finding and artwork / finishing touches

Ambassadors: Laura, Deepika and Navya

Background music:

  1. Home recorded orchestral for music in game
  2. Blippy trance from royalty-free music for the main music menu

Sound effects:

  1. Star dust
  2. Violin sound for falling into black hole

Possible names

  1. Space hunters
  2. Space rangers
  3. Galaxy wars
  4. Star hunters – the quest for cosmic waves
  5. Dark star hunters – the quest for intergalactic gold
  6. *Star raiders-Quest for intergalactic gold*
  7. planets of the galaxy

General notes:

  1. Hard to find collisions
  2. Minimap needs to show where the suns are
  3. Game needs more black holes
  4. Particles are not easy to pick up
  5. Nothing happens when hitting a planet
  6. Sometimes the rocket shakes too much 
  7. Adding flames to the back of the rocket
  8. Potential bug – sometimes boost spins the player character