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Notes from session 1 (3/11/2020)

Session 2 (Tuesday 6pm-8pm)

Micro needles – 1×1” patch of teeny tiny needles

Based around contraceptives in Africa helping rural areas who can’t reach hospitals/doctors

The needles are made of plastic (polymere) that stays in the body and dissolves afterwards.

The researcher is working on making the material optimal, that dissolves in the skin, able to press through the skin.

You change the composition of a polymer as you add things to it.

(6pm-7pm) Total turn up- 6

Game ideas- 

Carla (2 girls together)- idea of making an unhealthy person healthy again with the use of needles.

  • Balance the needles and medicines on the bar
  • Delivering of medicines (maze and platform)
  • Shoot needles at a certain angle
  • Fruit- healthy cells and bomb- unhealthy cells (laser game) 
  • Shooting bad cells and saving good cells(shooter)
  • Racing healthy and unhealthy cells through checkpoints (Top Down Racing game)

Taya- balance the medicines (physics)

  • Hit bad cells, lose points; hit good cells, gain points (shooter)

Hayley Wyatt- shoot specific parts of the body with needles (shooter)

Notes from session 2 (10/11/2020)