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Wednesday 04/11/2020

Group 6:

Session 1: 6-7 p.m.

Students: Evey, Sian, Amy, Ava

Researcher and Topic: Corey, MOFs

Game Template chosen: Mix of, Maze and Space Shooter.

Basic concept: Different gas molecules with different sizes (small and large) passing through the maze, where the maze would represent the MOF.

Session 2

Students: 4

Aim: Look at how to represent success in game (how to score), movement, obstacles


Max score- 50

Max score to lose- 10

Aim- to score maximum points.

Get maximum bad ones captured in the MOFs and prevent the good ones from going in

How to gain points: shoot the yellow particles (good particles) to the other end

Lose points- every time you hit a MOF

  • With every new level, the speed of the particles increase.
  • The MOF’s get thinner.

They would like to have different sized bad particles and different scores assigned to them.