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Notes from session 1 (5/11/2020)

Session 1 – 5/11/20

Group 8

Researcher: Lili, Topic : Cancer treatment

Ambassadors: Meg, Ellis and Deepika

Impact Games: TJ

Type of game: a mix between pac-man and snake (but mainly pac-man)

Start with 3 lives

Gain extra lives through power ups

Dodge cancer cells

Kill cancer cells with medicine – medicine is collected during the game

The main character is an antibody

You don’t want to kill normal cells (they will look slightly different to cancer cells) – killing normal cells knocks off lives

Set in the human body

Difficulty steps up as you move up through the body (cancer cells get harder to detect)

The end point could be getting to the lungs

Notes from session 2 (12/11/2020)