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Notes from session 1 (5/11/2020)

Group 9 template Idea: 

  • The base theme to have something like a platform template (like Mario).
  • The main player (P1) is someone like a miniature character who has to destroy the cancer cells in the game.
  • P1 should be able to collect guns (antibodies) with which we can destroy the enemies.
  • The main enemy (E1) is big boss whom can be killed with collecting some number of guns or some power ups. 
  • Start with 3 lives.
  • Arrow keys to move around for P1
  • The platform should be something with human inner body to move on.
  • We should be able to move some parts of the platform to make P1 move/run to the end to face boss.
  • Music should start with soothing one to a heavy music as we approach boss.
  • There should be some small enemies on the way to approach big bass.
  • Acids in the body can kill the player if touched. 

Notes by Deepika Velusamy

Date : November 5, 2020

Notes from session 2 (19/11/2020)

Students – Ruby, Jess, Eleri, Lily, Elwen

Game – Platform


Definitely platform

Movement with arrow keys

Shooting – you use different ammo for other enemies

Number of bad guys (not including boss) – ¾

Only certain enemies can be defeated using the right colour ammo

Scoring system:

Collectables, each collectable increases the score by 10

Defeating enemies gives score – different point values for coins and enemy kills

Enemies take varied number of hits to be destroyed

Homework Assignments:

Artwork – Lily (character design), Eleri (background design)

Sound Effects – Ruby (background music), Elwen (movement sound), Jess (bullet sound), Callum(bad guy defeated sound)

Session 3 notes
Ambassadors: Meg, Ellis and Deepika


Discussing rules for winning/losing, losing points.

Group is happy with the game so far.

Artwork and sound effects have been sent to TJ.

There will be a 1 minute timer on the final boss.

Collect different ammo to take down boss.

Mouse click for chain fire.

Different coloured ammo for different coloured parts of the boss.