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Design Skills

developerWhen thinking of what game to make and how it will be designed, remember firstly

Making a game is a mixture of art, maths and dreams.  We want you to express ideas, draw out emotions and create really fun social games that can shared.

Secondly, Impact Games:

-Have no real world violence
-Don’t promote illegal activity
-Don’t use swear words or hate words
-Aim to build the player up and reward them.

Then think about what style of game you want.

Multimedia Fusion is flexible, but you can only make flat/2d games, and not include too many things happening at once or massive game worlds without having levels.

Some game types to ponder…

Quizzes, Survival Games, Rhythm Games, Point and Click adventures, Platform Games, Above view racing, Side view flight, Combat, Strategy, Observation, Puzzle, Simulated board games, Reaction Games and Arcade/Party games.

To get the right emotion/feeling across in your game, humour, excitement, quick thinking/reactions etc. the artwork and sound is very very important.  A story written or spoken can be used to help link parts together to continue to build that emotion. The programming is what will make the game interesting and keep the player coming back.

In reality, for designing, you’ll need to understand a little all of the other skills.