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programmerSo programming, what is it?

It’s the rules that set the way things work, Fusion calls it conditions, these are set in the Event editor

event editor


So how do they work?

Well go to the event editor in your game (application), click New condition and then you have a choice of what the condition is built around.

  • Special (Always, Never etc.),
  • Sound (Something is playing etc.),
  • Storyboard Controls (When level (frame) starts, when level ends etc.),
  • The Timer, (10 seconds in, after 1 minute etc.)
  • Mouse & Keyboard (User pressed a key, Moves the mouse into an area etc.),
  • Player 1 (Score, Lives, Controls etc.)
  • and then other non background objects from your application. (e.g. When something collides, when a value is reached, changes speed etc.)

After choosing an object that the condition applies you get to choose the condition itself (Examples are in brackets above)…

Then you may have to choose the final part of the condition…e.g. When “Counter 1” “equals” “10” or “Character” “Collides with” “Enemy

Once done we have a condition, with a number next to it. This is to show order the conditions will be checked in.
Then we make the events that happen with that condition.

The line with boxes to the right of the condition is where we add what events happen when that condition is true.

Right click on that line under the object that is affected, (NB: left double click opens an extra window that would have to close later)
Then select the event that will happen.




This then becomes a tick You can (and should) add multiple events to a line to get all the right results from a condition.