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Lesson >= Fusion

Hello Teachers and Youth Workers! We’ve been engaging young people using Fusion and its predecessors for over 20 years. Using it in lessons, assemblies, workshops, holiday clubs and shows. Now we want to share the apps we’ve made with you for free to aid learning, engagement and outcomes.

Spice up your sessions with some great multi-media fun!

-Impact Gamers team

Making things fun; bring a gameshow activities into the classroom
Powerful with a point; versatile use and faster than powerpoint
Interactive and dynamic; reuse it and it will be different every time.
Portable: Can be ran on any Windows machine without needing installing or the Internet
Resourced; each app comes with instructions videos and help screens (press Ctrl in app).

The Apps

KeyImages – Keyboard Image & Sound board

Uses: Presentations/ Dramas shows/Game shows/Sound effects

Description: Set an image (or sound) to a key on your keyboard so it loads just by pressing it.

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Matching Pairs – Digital Card Game

Uses: Learning Resources / Games

Description: Put a collection of images into a classic game.

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Scores – Gameshow Style Scores

Uses: Quizzes/Challenges/Game shows

Description: Shows editable scores on your screen as an overlay with music and announcer.

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Hidden– Hide and Seek images

Uses: Maths coordinates/Challenges

Description: Hides an image of your choice in a gridded picture.

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The Path– Remember where the dangers are

Uses: Spacial (Spatial) awareness/Memory/Challenges

Description: Guide the player through a safe path to the goal.

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Uses: Math(s)/Challenges

Description: Generates random mathematical problems.

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