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Our LiVE events are a homage to the 90’s show “GamesMaster” while being a great way to celebrate the games young people have made.

SHOW 6 – Teamwork 9th May 20

You have been assigned a game, but if you really don’t like it download and try another. Games install on Windows and as they are new you might need to tell Windows MORE INFO and RUN ANYWAY when installing them.

Support — Vertical Scroller (Image Viewer)

Games download links for Windows PCs:

  1. imPET gamers – (download)
  2. Untitled Adventure Game (2 Player Game) – (download)
  3. Wide Space – (download)
  4. Super Trio – (download)
  5. Dungeons and Demons (4 player game) – (download)
  6. Annoying Animals with sticks – (download)
  7. Zombie Space School (2 Player Game) – (download)
  8. Ninja Warehouse Operative – (download)

Previous Shows

SHOW 5 – Code Theme 13th October 18

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SHOW 4 – Retro Theme 11th November 17

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SHOW 3 – Science Theme 15th July 17

Challenges and files from the show, also on google play if they don’t load try a different browser. Virus Takeover (full)Cell Wars(Challenge)(Full)Sweet Science (Challenge)(Full)Game Jam (Play)(Download)Rich Forest (full)Drone Maze (full)Helpdesk (Download)Into the Deep (Challenge)(full)David & Goliath (full)

SHOW 2 – Winter/Space/Cold Theme 25th Nov 16

Challenge 1 (4 Player) Challenge 2 (Time) Challenge 3 (Co-Op)

SHOW 1 – Pilot 16th Jul 2016

Challenges may take time to load, please be patient, or try a different browser (like Edge) Challenge 1 (Main) Challenge 2 (4 Player) Challenge 3 (Time) Challenge 4 (Co-Op) Challenge 5 (Co-Op)