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Experiment 19 – A game about battling Covid symptoms

STORY The planet “Cornoa” had a testing site on it. The project was called “Experiment 19” and the results were disastrous. Now infected with a polluted atmosphere, you have to go and clean up the aggressive mutant viruses that now exist there. Stay focused, Stay armed but most importantly always Stay safe. Play the game online (some levels may run…

Covid19 Jam

Each Monday 5:30-7pm during lockdown Adam and TJ have to make a game each on a certain theme. You can watch the process below, download the files and play the games here. Session 1 The theme this week was Virus! Download Clickteam Fusion Game Files Virus Pop (Clickteam Fusion Free MFA File) PLAY Lockdown (Clickteam Fusion Free MFA File) PLAY…

GO1 > Untitled Adventure Game

The Game On group 1 have worked hard on their adventure game, ambitiously a 2 player game choosing from 3 character types with different abilities and skills. Help the Mage rid the land of cursed animals and monsters. It’s not fully complete, but is working, so download and play it on a windows PC here. 

Leeds International Festival

We had a great time seeing the amazing levels you made for the Game Republic Get into Gaming – Mass Level Make! Download it to run on Windows, can you complete it? (Secret cheat press C+H to skip a level) It’s safe to Run, so keep the file and click More info and Run away on Windows.

Retro Remakes

We’re looking to do a little series of remaking old retro games in about 15 minutes and as few line of code as we can in Clickteam Fusion. This series is for intermediate users. #3 Frogger (Konami- 1981) play our version download the fusion file #2 Commando (Capcom- 1985) play our version download the fusion file #1 Surround (Atari…


So the last summer term of Impact Gamers we had the students design space ships, code behaviors, share their work with each other and build a side scrolling space shooting game.   And here it is.    

Hellbound Hounds

This amazing app was made by Josh a teenager who had some amazing ideas. Build a bridge to save the dogs from descending to hell. This one flies close to boundary of  “family friendly” content, but hopefully you can take the damned dogs in the comedical taste it was made in.