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Experiment 19 – A game about battling Covid symptoms


The planet “Cornoa” had a testing site on it. The project was called “Experiment 19” and the results were disastrous. Now infected with a polluted atmosphere, you have to go and clean up the aggressive mutant viruses that now exist there. Stay focused, Stay armed but most importantly always Stay safe.

Play the game online (some levels may run slow some computers, come back for updates)


Download and play the game on a Windows computer

v1.2 Keep File and choose “More Info” Run anyway


This project is made by young people from Wakefield, UK, who designed a game to reflect their battles with covid and different coping mechanisms they have used. Each threat in the game has a parallel to a real-life effect or symptom of Covid19. The solutions also parallel the ways you can get through the difficulties Covid19 can bring.

Funded by Young Lives and Wakefield Council.
Produced by