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Galaxy Invaders – RetroRemakes

Back to RetroRemakes The following tutorial is for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (full or free editions  The tutorial is suitable for people who have covered the basics of Clickteam Fusion ( and had some experience in game making already.   Suitable for all ages but is aimed at the ages of 8-14yrs. Rated a beginners normal difficulty (out of easy, normal,…

THE LEAP – Game for change

We have funding from THE LEAP (From Creative People and Places) to gather stories of people’s communities and produce 30 games. The games will serve as a way to inspire people to build community through arts. HAVE YOU GOT SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT YOUR LOCAL AREA? INTERVIEWS NOW CLOSED WE NEED YOU! Do you live in or near Manningham, Bradford…

NSMM Royal Society Event

We had a blast coding with some local schools at the Young Persons Book Prize awards ceremony on Wednesday, If you’d like to play your game try the link below Unfortunately the game file won’t load in the free version of Clickteam Fusion due to having too many objects for it’s limitation, but can be played online. If your game…

British Science Week 2020 Grants

British Science Week are giving out grants of up to £300 (Kick Start Grant) to get your school to engage with science at a special event you put on during British Science Week 6-15 March 2020. We’re here to help Bradford/Halifax primary schools and secondary schools book in some exciting coding or science of games related sessions with our BAFTA award winning…

Clinic – Split Screen

We look at what ways Clickteam Fusion can support 2 local players for a windows based game. The solution is a bit complex and needs the full version plus extra extensions so best to download the files Easy answer Medium solution (requires full version) Complex solution (requires full version)   Can you do better, please let us know.

Autumn Fair and Light Night at St Johns

We had a great time seeing the amazing levels you made for the Light Night platform game We had over 60 people come and play, create and code. Over 20 levels were made and combined into your custom game Download it to run on Windows, can you complete it? (Secret cheat press C+H to skip a level) It’s safe to…

Appy Hours

As part of EUCode week and funded by Meet and Code we are presenting 5, one hour live streamed shows. We’re making an online game in an hour, 2 people 60 minutes Clickteam Fusion and live viewers ideas. Let’s see what we make. Watch online and comment or come along to our base. Re-watch the shows