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Format thinking

When designing games your first though needs to be what format it’ll be played on.

  • No point having keyboard input if your going to play on an arcade machine
  • No point having multiple key presses if it’s going to work across the range of touch screen device out there.
  • No point building in lots of FMV (full motion video) for a downloadable app,

Designer’s need to start with the end product in mind, here’s some helpful factors to help you decide an end format to design your game to in Multimedia Fusion 2.

 End Format  Pros/Features Cons/Limitations  Thoughts 
 PC (Windows)  Keyboard Control, Mouse Control (including without clicking),  People need to download and install the game, and also need a PC. Doesn’t make your games portable. The cheapest /quickest option, as all the standard MMF2 features work on PC.
App (Android/iPhone)  Touch Screen, Easy access  Large file size wastes device storage, Can use mouse movement as input, Can realistically only allow 3 buttons pressed at one, Not much scope for multi-player (simultaneous) games  Platform or games with complex moving are not great as Apps, but puzzle and reaction games are ideal.
 Flash (Web)  Multi platform (Windows, Linux, Mac), With a fast internet speed file size is less of an issue, Keyboard Control, Mouse Control (including just movement/without clicking)  Very machine dependent speed,games don’t run as fast as on PC or android. No need to download, makes it compatible on PC, Macs, Linux and some Tablets (that support Flash, so not iPad 🙁 ) .



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